Combine the feel good factor of singing, with meeting new friends and doing things you never dreamed possible.    Rock It to our own original arrangements of uplifting songs past and present. Gain confidence and sing for the sheer fun of it.

EVERYONE can sing - we were born with all the tools we need to do this.  We don't expect you to be perfect and rest assured that you will never be asked to sing alone or put on the spot! 

   Rock It is all about having a good time and leaving any stress at the door when you join us.   We guarantee you’ll go home with a big smile on your face and a song stillbuzzing around in your head

 The Tuesdays of Tenterden have been rockin' it for almost ten years and are well known for their enthusiastic,  fun approach to singing and socialising.  New members are  warmly welcomed and will quickly feel at home,  singing along in the comfort of a large group.

We choose and arrange our own songs to ensure that we keep our repertoire fresh and full of life. Our friendly group leaders will support you and introduce you to the gang.  Without knowing it, you will soon be harmonising and hitting the right notes ( and if not, who cares?) 

What makes us rather different to other groups is that we are non-profit. Every penny raised from events big or small, goes to local and national charities.    Our weekly subs are just £7. There are no penalties for missed sessions and you won’t be asked to pay up front.